When I first read that last anon the word "shower" did not link to the phrase "baby shower" in my head and I sat here very confused for a moment.

Hah, you’re not the only one! My friend thought anon meant an actual shower. xD

(Also, you are very pretty!) 




because i really needed more reasons to like James Brent Isaacs

Hey hey so I'm having troubles logging into my account but my url is thetenthdoctormccoy. I'd like to ask what kinds of things I can request? Can I request gifs of Alex pouting and trying to get Emma to join the shower? "Fine but you should come with me" *drags feet as slowly as possible to the door" (If he was less professional I bet he woulda been like "emmmmaaaaaa cooommeee onnn this is boring with out you... emmmmaaaaa"


Hi! (I apologize for the late reply, btw, it’s too hot to do anything but sleep.)

1. I accept anon asks, so you don’t have to log in if you don’t want to. 
2. You can request anything, as long as it’s something that’s actually happened in the show so far. 
3. I was making gifs for the scene you requested but then one thing led to another and I made this instead. I hope it’s still alright!
4. If Alex was less professional I genuinely believe he would be a human puppy. 

Thank you for the request! 

Alex Knightley, the boring accountant who acts like an actual puppy.

(requested by thetenthdoctormccoy) 


Because James Brent Issacs’s posts are the actual best.


Because James Brent Issacs’s posts are the actual best.


Oh my God! The Jane Fairfax and Frank Churchill Q&A video. So adorable! I had to pause and go back all the time because I was squealing so much. I love these characters, and I love these two actors playing them, and I love the way Pemberley digital is revealing their story. We learned so much about them as a couple, in this video.

- They met in London, I guess, since Frank clearly expected a different answer to the what’s your best memory of London.

- While Alex is obviously jealous of Frank, Frank might also be a little bit jealous of Alex, since he asked about what made their car rides so great.

- Jane is the more serious of the two about keeping the secret of their relationship, with the subtle reminders that they are on camera, and the keeping the answers relatively neutral. Which only makes it even cuter when she does trip up, like her reaction to learning that the video was also Frank’s idea, the mimicking of Frank during the “tea or coffee” debate, and the fact that she tore up Monique O.’s question (“what do you look for…” in a man/romantic partner, phrasing uncertain due to the tearing of the question card) and shut the interview down right after.

- Also, if we’re matching the book to the series, at this point in time Frank thinks that Emma knows, or strongly suspects, about his relationship with Jane, which helps to explain his lack of discretion. Sure, the video is public, but Emma is the one editing and uploading them, and he thinks she’s got their back. To bad for their secrecy that Emma is in one of her blind-as-a-bat periods.

Now, the really tricky part will be the reason for all that secrecy. The only thing I can think of, in the context of Frank’s business replacing the demanding snob Aunt Churchill, is that Jane was/is an employee of sorts, and that Enscombe enterprise (is that the name of Frank’s business) has a strict non-fraternization rule, which would have put them both in a lot of trouble if their relationship was made public. But I have a hard time seeing how that would still apply now that Jane works for Emma Approved. I guess we’ll see.

My experience at the Pemberley Digital book signing!


Yesterday, PD tweeted they would be having a book signing at the Santa Monica Barnes & Noble. Santa Monica isn’t too far from me, so I dragged all my friends along after school and we took the bus, spending most of the day at the beach.

After eating, we arrived at B&N (messy beach hair and all) about half an hour late and my friends left and I entered the room, while Bernie was answering questions. He was wearing his signature hat and everyone in the audience looked friendly.

It was really fun! I learned a lot of things.

- Bernie told us about how the writing team was created, and the concept for Pride and Prejudice was chosen.

- He told us how nervous he was when he first presented in the Jane Austen Society convention.

-He told us Pride and Prejudice is his mom’s favorite book.

- I didn’t know this, but Paul Stuart (James Elton) was the runner up for playing Darcy. I love Paul Stuart as Elton, so I’m glad things went the way they did.

-Bernie told us about Hank’s original idea to adapt Anne Frank (before they decided on P&P), and that they would end it as such: “Anne would post videos regularly, and then one day, it would just end and you’d never hear from her again.”

-He told us that he runs everything by Kate since she’s the “Austen expert” :)

-He also told us that he suggested using Caroline Lee to replace Augusta to Kate, and she said, “I saw that post too.”

-He told us about how he handled the positive/negative comments from everything ranging from Lydia’s sex tape to the choice to bring Caroline Lee.

-He is 100% supportive of Brent and Joanna’s relationship :))))

-He told us how Joanna’s face was so red after she first met Brent at the auditions! (so cute!)

I missed out on a large portion of the discussion, so please, if you were there and would like to add anything, go ahead!

Afterwards, I got my book signed (they also gave out a ton of bookmarks and stickers! I was so excited!) and ran out, since I knew my friends were waiting for me. We ended up waiting for our ride a bit longer than anticipated, and as Bernie left B&N I waved.It was great.

I had a fantastic time and would like to thank Bernie Su and Barnes & Noble for hosting the event! 

Fun fact about EA ep. 57: Joanna and Brent came up with “The hottest boring accounting guy this summer (oontz oontz oontz)” and “You just called me hot” while they were on set.

"The hottest boring accounting guy this summer.”