Emma Approved - episode 9 vs. episode 65

Harriet … Sweet, Harriet.

brentmbailey: This sums up our relationship. I am serious, she is a goofball! 😜

brentmbaileyThis sums up our relationship. I am serious, she is a goofball! 😜

"I’ve probably killed a rainforest with these tissues…"

Head canon: Next episode, after Emma makes up with Maddy and the latter leaves, Emma is sitting silently in her office when Harriet intercoms her, hesitantly asking, “Emma?… Alex is here. Should I let him in?” And meanwhile Alex is listening in as Harriet intercoms Emma, his heart breaking because he was never refrained from seeing Emma before, and the hesitance in Harriet’s voice makes him realize how much damage he has done to the most important person in his life. 

Emma: *crying* I've made a lot of mistakes.
Everyone: Yeah, you're wearing one on the top of your head right now.
Have you seen the Lizzie Bennett Diaries? What do you like better, LBD or Emma Approved?


Probably the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Not only is it the first web series I’ve ever seen, but I just loved how personal the show was. We got to witness Lizzie interact with the closest people in her life, and I was very attracted to that intimacy. EA, though, is very close behind. I like the romance in EA more than I liked it in LBD, and I think the “sad” scenes are more powerfully acted out in Emma Approved. (Plus, Knightley > Darcy)

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As you know, Pemberley Digital’s next hit series is called “Frankenstein MD” and will premiere August 19th.

Everyone is gearing up for the series, and people have already created blogs dedicated to it!

There is a new confessions blog for the series (not run by me) and they’ve already posted their first confession! So go check it out and send them your thoughts, feelings, and wishes for Frankenstein MD! :)

Here’s the link.

Also, Emma Approved Moments and I will be making a big announcement soon, so stay tuned! :)

Yes! emmaaconfessions and I have been hard at work to bring you guys something fantastic to celebrate Emma Approved coming to an end. August is going to be an exciting month! 

"Wait— Where are you going?”
"I’m leaving."
"When are you coming back?"

"Maybe never.”

Please don’t let that be the last time you walk out that door.

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